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Font Squirrel and Google Web Fonts

Great fonts are boring.

Let me explain… when you drink a glass of wine you should never notice the glass. The same goes for the text on websites, in brochures and books. If you notice the font, it is the wrong font.

Web designers have been restricted to a very small number of fonts that they can reliably use and for a long time typography on the web has been dull. In the last couple of years a technique called @font-face has been refined allowing web designers to start using more fonts in their projects.

There are two great services (each with different benefits and drawbacks) that are making using @font-face much easier. These are the funnily named Font Squirrel and less funnily named Google Web Fonts.

Clipper Tea

Great packaging, a cool website and a good cup of tea.

Should you get your own domain?

“So, let’s go back to 1998. You’re a new writer and you want to establish a permanent residency online. Which would be wiser: Having your own site at your own domain, or putting up a site at GeoCities?

It’s 2001, same drill: Which is wiser: Having your own domain, or creating a site on AOL servers?

2003: Your own domain, or a Friendster page?

2007: Your own domain, or a MySpace page?

(Hindsight is a useful thing.)

And now it’s 2011 and the choice is one’s own domain or a page on Facebook. Guess which I think you should do.”

See the full post.

Kaiser Chiefs – Make your own album

Kaiser Chiefs new site lets you make and sell your own Kaiser Chiefs album.

The tracks people choose will probably affect what songs appear on the CD.

It’s a great looking site and an amazing idea.


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